Let’s make yours Open Source Notebook Chassis!

This project Open Source Laptop Chassis is launched from Power Progress Community not for profit associations

The Power Progress Community was first conceived while working at the PowerPC GNU/linux notebook project, that kicked off in October 2014. During these years the initiative gathered people truly passionate about Free and Open Source software, PowerPC and more generally Open hardware and sustainable, ethical, and socially aware responsible consumption. Altogether we decided to establish this association, a way for helping and supporting the original initiative, and even support new greater future ideas and projects.

Even if for the Open Hardware PowerPC Notebook the more “simple” path is to find an existing mainstream chassis, in the main time, as is not so simple and flexible use an existing notebook chassis, we are inviting: individuals, groups, associations, organizations, Schools, Universities, every knowledge sharing lover, makers,3D designers, Open Hardware lovers, Free Software passionate, people inspired by progress for all humanity, all over the world  to build Open Source Laptop Chassis Mechanical complete 3D Designs.

We think that that many Open Hardware projects could benefit to have Open Source Laptop Chassis Mechanical complete 3D Designs, so we can collaborate together.

First Draft in FreeCad https://gitlab.com/oshw-powerpc-notebook/open-laptop-chassis

Together to make Open Source 3D Cad Designs that permit everyone to print its own notebook chassis applying to professional 3D printing services ( actually 3D printers enough big to print a 15,6 inch notebook are very expensive to have at home )  with materials at least as durable as an industrial notebook chassis for both finishes and mechanical resistance.

Regarding professional 3D printer and materials, useful to print a real notebook chassis , now there a news solutions, past year we have found for example the HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 , you can find more information about these 3D printers and PA12 powders. Nowadays there are even more 3D printing solutions, please contact us if have some new solution to suggest

One option its to print the chassis with a profession 3D printer another option is to create a mould to print with plastic inject or to make it in aluminium or in others ways , we need in any case a complete 3D mechanical cad designs.

We have started to design a draft in FreeCad as you can find from our repository